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Cristina Orozco was born in Caballito, a neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The early passion by the music carried her to give the first steps in the song, the interpretation of the guitar and the piano.

Her Teachers:

The master one Leonor Alvarez - disciple of Vicente Scaramuzza, Gilardo Gilardi, Antonio Derraco and José Luis Segade - was as a notable influence in her first musical steps.
During the year 2008, she added classes with Mrs. Vicky Buchino.
Since the year 2006, and even the present time, she affirms her interpretive style with another great teacher: Mrs. Susana Rinaldi.


She shows her style in the most populated places of the City of Buenos Aires and the surroundings:

Taconeando (San Telmo), La Bohemia Cafe Concert (Caballito), the Representatives Room, Block of the Lights (Manzana de las Luces, San Telmo), Colonial Theater (San Telmo), the Blanqueada (Pompeya), Actors Studio (Almagro), Flores Tango Show (Flores), Bien Bohemio (Boedo), Club Inca (Belgrano), Almas y Bohemios (V.Urquiza), Fervido Restaurant (Montserrat), the Cafe Montserrat (Monserrat), the Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese (Boedo), the Maga (Flores), the Casa del Tango (Buenos Aires) , Mitos Argentinos (San Telmo), the Histórico, Leales y Pampeanos (Barracas al Sur), the Casa del Tango (San Fernando), Roma Theater (Avellaneda), the Duendes (Mar del Plata), El Tonel (Mar del Plata), El Quebracho (Mar del Plata), Casino of the Provincial Hotel (Mar del Plata) among others.

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